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Rules for operation of steel straightening machine


After sorting out the operation rules of the steel straightening machine, it is found that the following items are what you must pay attention to! __________

1. Material rack and material trough should be installed straight, and quasi-guide barrel, straightening barrel and the center of lower cutting hole should be dealt with.

2. Use the hand to rotate the flywheel, check the transmission mechanism and working device, adjust the clearance, fasten the bolt, start the empty operation, and confirm the normal operation.

3. The proper straightening block and transmission speed should be selected according to the diameter of straightening steel bar. The diameter of the straightening block should be 2-5mm larger than that of the reinforcing bar. Only after the debugging is qualified can the material be delivered.

4. The straightening block is not fixed and no feeding is allowed until the protective cover is covered. It is strictly forbidden to open the protective shield and adjust the clearance during operation.

5. When the reinforcing bar is fed in, the hand and the tractor wheel should be kept at a certain distance and should not be approached.

6. The straight end of steel bar should be removed before feeding, and a 1 m long steel pipe should be installed in front of the guide cylinder. The reinforcing steel bar should pass through the steel pipe first and then be fed into the guide hole of the straightening front end.

7. If the steel bar after straightening has slow bending, the offset of straightening block can be increased until straightening.

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