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No pickling wire drawing rust remover to solve your environmental problems


Elimination of environmental protection by acid-free steel wire brush rust removal equipment

Solve your environmental problems.

What are you hesitating about? No pickling wire drawing rust remover - your choice

I. structure

The acid-free wire drawing rust remover is mainly composed of four-wheel shelling mechanism, adjustable cross parabolic wire brush wheel, closed rust removal chamber, forced lubrication device and electrical control system.

The wire rod is fed directly from the guide die, and after shelling by four-wheel shelling mechanism, it enters the enclosed rust removal chamber. The rust removal of the wire rod is accomplished by the high-speed rotation of two pairs of parabolic wire brush wheels set crosswise. The patented structure design can make the surface of wire bright as new after two rounds of rust removal, and the effect is remarkable. The service life of the brush wheel is long, the wire rod can be processed continuously up to 1000 tons, and the replacement is very convenient.

2. Characteristics of Rust Remover

(1) The application of acid-free wire-drawing rust remover with high production efficiency replaces the traditional processes of shelling, pickling, washing, ash coating and drying. Continuous production greatly reduces the production links, shortens the production cycle and significantly improves the production efficiency.

(2) The product quality is excellent because there is no residual acid or salt on the surface of steel wire, which fundamentally avoids the problem of "hydrogen embrittlement". There is no oil stain on the surface of steel wire after rust removal, and the wire drawing is bright and stainless for a long time, which is conducive to the processing of the later process.

(3) The degree of rust removal is easy to operate and can be adjusted and controlled at any time in production. Handwheel operation is adjusted and instrument display is arranged. It is intuitive, quick-acting and no shutdown test is needed. It is beneficial to timely control of quality. The isolation and sealing of rust removal chamber and transmission and adjustment mechanism is set up. The service life of the equipment is long and the adjustment, maintenance and maintenance are very convenient.

(4) The environmental protection effect is good and the comprehensive cost is low. In production, acid, water and coal are not consumed. The pollution of acid fog, waste acid and waste water to the environment is eliminated. The expenditure of pollution control is saved. The workshop is clean and dust-free. It does not endanger the health of workers. The production efficiency is high. The cost saved after several months of use can recover the investment.

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